About Me

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.”

– John 1:12

I’m a Christian who’s attended evangelical Anglican churches since I was born (like literally the week after I came into the world, I played Jesus in our church’s nativity play). As a 20-something gal living in the inner city, I like bicycles, coffee, live music as well as awkwardly small  & overcrowded bars.

I’ve found the LGBTI/queer community and the Church to be two very separate & irreconcilable places sometimes. I’ve seen the unknown become fear and fear become hurt ~ hurt become safeguarding and safeguarding become resentment. I’ve seen this culminate in the same-sex marriage debate. I’d love to see more open & loving discussions create understanding & unity.

Things I have always known
~ The Bible is truth.
~ Jesus is God, Son & Saviour of the world
~ It’s pretty outrageously special to call yourself a child & heir to God

Things I have recently known
~ I like girls & I identify as being a lesbian or gay.
~ Teachings about gender & sexuality I believed when I was younger are too simplistic to apply to myself & many of the people I know.


Thanks for being here,

Steff  xx

p.s. you might like a squiz at some of these videos I’m in…